Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trip Reports Bring God Glory

Individuals and teams recently visiting Soddo have now returned home with precious memories and lasting fruit from love poured out in service to the people of Ethiopia.

Krissy Ricco, Sharon Daly's friend and former student, returned on Oct. 22. She shared one of her most powerful impressions came from seeing the transformative power of the micro-loan program in the lives of the women who had been helped.  She got to hear stories from twelve women who formed a co-op  using the loans for a variety of businesses from selling butter to making bread to harvesting poultry. On their own, these women decided to give a portion of their earnings each month to help the most needy in their village.  This was truly discipleship in action!

The Yates family (left) and Simpsons (right) visiting Mossy
Foot Clinic with Sharon Daly
During the time Sharon was in Ethiopia, she was able to welcome two young families from her home church, Reality Ventura, that came on an exploratory visit focused on possible future ministry partnerships. This team includes Kavi Simpson and Michelle Yates, two moms who are Family Medicine Doctors; Kavi's husband Taylor, an architect who has designed hospitals; and Michelle's husband Adam, an electrical engineer, along with a growing set of children. You can read more about their trip experience and their vision for ministry on their blog.

Sharon also hosted a team of six from New Life Anglican church in Petosky, Michigan led by their pastor Michael Bridge. This small but mighty team brought important supplies and found many ways to use their skills to bless others, from distributing clothing and shoes to the children of Mossy Foot patients, to helping to treat the sick (the team included a doctor and nurse), to helping to build two new homes for needy widows. Pastor Bridge even served as the guest preacher on Sunday at a local congregation. This brief video demonstrates the great joy released by the simple act of kindness initiated through providing a new home for a widow.

The Lord is doing great things in Ethiopia, and the Mossy Foot project is thankful for the way the Lord is placing a His love for Ethiopia in the hearts of many. We have been blessed to partner with these teams over the past month and look forward to the fruit of their efforts.

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