Monday, June 3, 2013

Sharon in Ethiopia: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Here is the latest update from Sharon reporting on development progress at the Mossy Foot Project property in Soddo, Ethiopia:

Mark Launder and Workmen
“I am really excited that we are starting to build on the Mossy Foot property! It will be a blessing not to have to rent property in town.  Also, we will be able to install the right electrical wiring so that we can use all of our shoe making equipment. That will enable us to produce more shoes for the mossy foot patients at the clinics.

This past week we got estimates on all the things we will need to build the rock wall, the guard house, and "shint bate" (out house).  On Friday, materials were being delivered and by Monday a lot of work had already been done.

It is such a blessing to have Mark Launder here overseeing the building, expediting the progress, and ensuring good quality.  Since he is well acquainted with the culture and how things operate, he is able to navigate challenges that might stop someone else.
Sharon literally between a rock and a hard place

The work is labor intensive--with capstones being hand-hewn out of rock, cement mixed by hand, and large rocks being chipped by hand to go in the base for the wall.  I tried breaking the rock with a mallet for about 20 seconds and that was enough for me."

Please pray for Sharon's time in Ethiopia to be fruitful and for the good progress with the work on the Load. Pray also for the power of the Gospel to be that strong hammer that breaks the walls of resistance keeping those in darkness from seeing the Light of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

"Is not My word like a fire?” says the LORD,  “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?" Jeremiah 23:29