Friday, April 23, 2010

Tires Have a Short Life In Ethiopia!

How long does a set of tires last in Ethiopia? Jim (President of MF) just told me that our Landcruisers chew up a set of tires every 3-4 months! Roads are extremely rugged in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia where we operate.

Our present 2 vehicles are on the road ALL day on an average of 6 out of every 7 days, servicing patients at our clinics. With road conditions as they are, tires have a very limited lifetime for tires. At a cost of $200 per tire, this comes up to $1600 per quarter for tires.

Anyone out there moved to donate a $200 tire or an $800 set???

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Progress on Headquarters Construction Site

As we reported previously, the Ethiopian Government had given the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA) land for building a new headquarters. Unfortunately, it is not unusual in Africa for undeveloped land to be occupied by squatters and it is common that the land owners be obligated to relocate those pay for relocating those squatters before anything can be done with the land. At first thought, this might seem unfair, but the law is there to protect the poor from unfair treatment
Unfortunately, our present acreage has been and still is occupied by tenant farmers.d. Based on Jim and Sharon's recent trip, part of the tenant's house and his outhouse are on the property currently proposed for us. Pastor Zewedie, the pastor for MFTPA, is working on a plan to adjust the boundaries of our proposed site so the farmer can keep his house and outhouse, and we would get more land on another side of the property. If this works, it could mean we could start construction relatively soon, perhaps a few months. Please pray for progress and God's perfect timing and provision for Mossy Foot.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Overview of the Mossy Foot Project

This 10-minute video was made in Ethiopia in 2008, but it gives an excellent overview of what the Mossy Foot Project is all about. MFTPA is the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association, which is the name of our Mossy Foot NGO (nongovernment organization) in Ethiopia.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Land for New Mossy Foot Headquarters in Soddo, Ethiopia

Recently the Ethiopian Government designated a parcel of land to give to The Mossy Foot Project for future development of a campus for administration, treatment, training, and research. Building plans include an Administration Building, a Shoe Making Building, a Vocational Training Center, a Dormitory for those in training, a Kitchen and Dining Building, a Research Building, Guest Quarters and a Garage. The construction will be done in phases as funds become available. The parcel is located in the north section of Soddo, Ethiopia along a main road which goes to the government hospital. At present the government is in the process of reimbursement and relocation of the current tenants on the property. Once this occurs, the property will be available for us to begin construction. The first phase will include a perimeter fence and guardhouse, the Administration Building, a building for Shoe Making and Storage and associated infrastructure. At present, we have raised about 50% of what will be needed to start the initial phase of construction. We look forward to the completion of this blessing with eager excitement!