Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trip Reports Bring God Glory

Individuals and teams recently visiting Soddo have now returned home with precious memories and lasting fruit from love poured out in service to the people of Ethiopia.

Krissy Ricco, Sharon Daly's friend and former student, returned on Oct. 22. She shared one of her most powerful impressions came from seeing the transformative power of the micro-loan program in the lives of the women who had been helped.  She got to hear stories from twelve women who formed a co-op  using the loans for a variety of businesses from selling butter to making bread to harvesting poultry. On their own, these women decided to give a portion of their earnings each month to help the most needy in their village.  This was truly discipleship in action!

The Yates family (left) and Simpsons (right) visiting Mossy
Foot Clinic with Sharon Daly
During the time Sharon was in Ethiopia, she was able to welcome two young families from her home church, Reality Ventura, that came on an exploratory visit focused on possible future ministry partnerships. This team includes Kavi Simpson and Michelle Yates, two moms who are Family Medicine Doctors; Kavi's husband Taylor, an architect who has designed hospitals; and Michelle's husband Adam, an electrical engineer, along with a growing set of children. You can read more about their trip experience and their vision for ministry on their blog.

Sharon also hosted a team of six from New Life Anglican church in Petosky, Michigan led by their pastor Michael Bridge. This small but mighty team brought important supplies and found many ways to use their skills to bless others, from distributing clothing and shoes to the children of Mossy Foot patients, to helping to treat the sick (the team included a doctor and nurse), to helping to build two new homes for needy widows. Pastor Bridge even served as the guest preacher on Sunday at a local congregation. This brief video demonstrates the great joy released by the simple act of kindness initiated through providing a new home for a widow.

The Lord is doing great things in Ethiopia, and the Mossy Foot project is thankful for the way the Lord is placing a His love for Ethiopia in the hearts of many. We have been blessed to partner with these teams over the past month and look forward to the fruit of their efforts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

News from Sharon and Krissy in Ethiopia

Sharon Daly, President of the Mossy Foot Project, and her friend Krissy Rico are currently in Ethiopia encouraging staff, visiting clinics, and checking on the welfare of widows and patients.
Sharon and Krissy visited this widow, raising her grandson,
 in her new home built by Mossy Foot and her church

They are traveling to remote locations, and on a recent trip they experience two tire blow outs, one going out and one coming back to Soddo.

During their first week, they were able to participate in the showing of the Jesus film on top of a mountain where human sacrifice had been practiced in the past. What a triumph for the Lord! They report that the film was well received since it was in the local language and that pastors in the community will be following up with those who expressed interest in learning more.

Sharon and Krissy standing on property donated by
the Ethiopian government for Mossy Foot Project 
God has brought about a sweet partnership between these two friends who already had a special relationship: Krissy was a student in the first elementary school class that Sharon taught at the beginning of her teaching career. When Krissy heard about Sharon’s planned trip, she felt moved to volunteer to join her for three of the five weeks Sharon will be in Ethiopia.

After a long day of ministry, Krissy shared the thoughts below based on her experience, thoughts that should speak to all of us about the contrast between first world and third-world problem. After you read this, please take a moment and pray for:
  • Krissy and Sharon to be filled with wisdom and grace as they visit and encourage patients and staff 
  • The staff of Mossy Foot Project to be strong and persevere, to be filled with God’s love, and to be able to communicate the gospel along with the practices for physical healing 
  • Patients to find hope and healing, for them to be reintegrated into their families and communities, and for them to find ways to work to supply their own needs 

Thoughts from Krissy on Perspective 

I was going to complain about the bed; I thought they forgot the mattress and gave me only the box springs…until I saw the bed used by a widow that looked like a wooden box with dead corn husks inside. When I asked about what looked like a piece of cloth, they told me it was outside to get the fleas off and that it was the widow’s blanket.

I was going to complain about the red clay all over my shoes…until I asked a man with Mossy Foot at the clinic where his shoes were. He told me he lost them two months ago and that he was too sick to come to the clinic until today when he came to purchase new ones.

I was going to complain about my hands…until I saw a lady who had leprosy and had no more fingers. She was also a Mossy Foot patient and desperately needed some medicine.

I was going to complain about how badly I need a pedicure…until I realized that many people have no nails on their hands and feet because of lack of protein in their diet.

I was going to complain about seeing the same food on the menu every day…until the shop owner told me not to buy cookies for the street kids because eating them would make them sick. He suggested bread and water instead.

God is teaching me about perspective here…how I should give thanks everyday and be grateful for all things big or small.
“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The House the Village Built

Wayzay was delighted with her new, weather-proof house built by the Mossy Foot Project in cooperation with workers from the church community.  A big smile illuminated her face as she posed inside her home with Pastor Zewdie the Mossy Foot Project Pastor.  As a house warming present, Wayzay was given artificial flowers, a rooster and two hens.  Also, her neighbors plowed the field behind her house and planted it with false banana plants.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"It Takes a Village"

Wayzay is an impoverished, elderly widow whose granddaughter lived with her in a hut that was about to fall down and did not protect them from the rain.  The Mossy Foot Project, with a Community of help from the local church decided to join efforts in building a new house for Wayzay.
In a few days we will see the results of their labor.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Indrias!

Sharon Daly, President of the Mossy Foot Project, reports from Ethiopia, "We met Indrias several days ago at one of our clinic sites.  He said that it takes him 2 hours to walk to clinic due to his sick feet, so yesterday we decided to go to his home.  We drove off the main road about 20 minutes, then the road became impassible.  Our guide said that it was only a 20 minute walk.  About an hour later, after walking up and down hills, and on paths through plowed fields, we arrived.  My own feet are blistered and sore from the shoes I was wearing.  It makes me appreciate the effort Indrias, and so many of our patients, make to get to a clinic.  It gave me more incentive to dream about opening new clinics to better serve the need of so many patients like Indrias."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks for the Shoes!

Our President, Sharon Daly, is presently in Ethiopia hosting visitors as well as strengthening leadership and exercising oversight over our work at the Mossy Foot Project.  Each visit also brings the opportunity to share new blessings.

The children at eight of the Mossy Foot clinic sites and their parents were delighted to receive their new shoes, thanks to the First Baptist Church of Downey.  The kids were doubly pleased because the colorful tennis shoes came in really cute boxes.  For children that have almost nothing, a box brings a lot of smiles.  Also, the children received colorful socks and homemade greeting cards from a fifth grade sunday school class at the Calvary Chapel of Anaheim.  Visit our website and learn more about our work to eradicate podoconiosis while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staff Bible Study and Chapel at Soddo Mossy Foot Project Headquarters

Three times a week, before beginning the day of work, the staff at the MFP headquarters meet together for Bible study and prayer. The Tuesday morning session is done in small groups, focusing on a discipleship curriculum. One focus of the study is to train the workers to repeat this study with staff in the field and with their family and neighbors. The other two days are a general chapel, led by Pastor Zewdie, MFP spiritual ministry director. A small group meeting is seen in the photo.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pray for Rain

This area of Ethiopia is known for having fertile soil. Right now mangoes, papaya, tomatoes, sugar cane, bananas, cabbage and corn are among foods available. This is the time for the short rains and they have not come.  The past week we have had clouds and overcast skies.  The fields are plowed and ready for planting. Root crops like yams and sweet potatoes (as seen in the photo) are planted, but will dry up without soon rain.  Please join with us in praying for the right amount of rain to come soon. If it does not come now, food will be scarce until the big rains starting in June produce crops.  --  Nancy Bulcha

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fellow Christians in a land far away - Update #3 from Nancy Bulcha

I have been privileged to share a few words with the patients when visiting the Mossy Foot Project Clinic sites. Each time I tell them how happy it makes me to see how well they are recovering and that many now are able to participate in self-help projects. They are always full of appreciation for their recovery. One man today said “Before this clinic came here, we were dead.  Now we are alive and are praising God. We are Christians and He has sent other Christians to help us.” I tell them that people in my Country are praying for them. The photo shows the patients, with hands raised, sending greetings and thanks back to you who have helped to make their lives so much better-“raised from the dead”.
check out

Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to the Mossy Foot Gununo Clinic by Nancy Bulcha

When attending the Bale clinic this week, a representative from the Government Health Center came and said there are many podocondiosis patients who need help from the surrounding area. The distance to Bale is too far for them to walk in the sun with their feet problems. He pleaded for Mossy Foot Clinics to be expanded now.

Then we went to the Gununo clinic. An older woman was there who had not come for months for treatment as it was too difficult to walk the distance. (photo on left). A young man came for his first visit, having walked for four hours to get to the clinic, needing to attend regularly to be helped. (photo on right). We asked the patients to pray with us that God will make it possible to open more clinics soon. Will you pray with us as well? This condition could be eradicated in ten years if people could be reached now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self Help Report from Nancy Bulcha in Ethiopia

Over the next few weeks, one of our supporters, Nancy Bulcha, will be visiting our clinic sites in Ethiopia.  Nancy has served for over 20-years in medical missions in Ethiopia as a registered nurse and brings much experience to our cause in Ethiopia.  Here is the first of her reports.

"These women came to their clinic site to apply to participate in the Self-Help Program sponsored by Mossy Foot Project.  As their condition improves, they are eligible to apply to the program.  (In the photo to the right, they have taken off their shoes to show that their feet have healed enough to allow them to be active in the Program.) 

The women become part of a small group of 3-5 women who live in their area. (The women in the photo to the left are standing with their group.) This group is to encourage one another, not just with their project, but in all aspects of life.   
Previously they were rejected by family, neighbors and even church. Now they are healing and by joining together they encourage each other and form a bond which is a step to again become part of family and community. 

Each woman expresses overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity they have had to recover from their condition and “return to life”.