Thursday, June 30, 2011

Graduation Day! - Mossy Foot Vocational Training

Our President, Sharon Daly, is presently in Ethiopia on her annual management visit. Shown on the left is the joyful occasion of her attending the graduation of 37 young men and women from barber and hairdresser training where she and Meskele Ashine, our clinics director, is shown giving out certificates to the vocational training graduates.
In the last photo, the ladies in the red and green dresses are the hairdressing instructors. Nigatuwa, the lady in green is a Mossy Foot (podoconiosis) patient who was treated, received vocational training and is now teaching others. This is a wonderful success story.

These people had suffered terribly from Mossy Foot disease. Previously they had been outcasts in their communities. Following foot treatment and vocational training, they are returning to their villages as self-supporting business people. Their lives have been transformed. Now they have a future and hope.