Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Indrias!

Sharon Daly, President of the Mossy Foot Project, reports from Ethiopia, "We met Indrias several days ago at one of our clinic sites.  He said that it takes him 2 hours to walk to clinic due to his sick feet, so yesterday we decided to go to his home.  We drove off the main road about 20 minutes, then the road became impassible.  Our guide said that it was only a 20 minute walk.  About an hour later, after walking up and down hills, and on paths through plowed fields, we arrived.  My own feet are blistered and sore from the shoes I was wearing.  It makes me appreciate the effort Indrias, and so many of our patients, make to get to a clinic.  It gave me more incentive to dream about opening new clinics to better serve the need of so many patients like Indrias."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks for the Shoes!

Our President, Sharon Daly, is presently in Ethiopia hosting visitors as well as strengthening leadership and exercising oversight over our work at the Mossy Foot Project.  Each visit also brings the opportunity to share new blessings.

The children at eight of the Mossy Foot clinic sites and their parents were delighted to receive their new shoes, thanks to the First Baptist Church of Downey.  The kids were doubly pleased because the colorful tennis shoes came in really cute boxes.  For children that have almost nothing, a box brings a lot of smiles.  Also, the children received colorful socks and homemade greeting cards from a fifth grade sunday school class at the Calvary Chapel of Anaheim.  Visit our website and learn more about our work to eradicate podoconiosis while spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staff Bible Study and Chapel at Soddo Mossy Foot Project Headquarters

Three times a week, before beginning the day of work, the staff at the MFP headquarters meet together for Bible study and prayer. The Tuesday morning session is done in small groups, focusing on a discipleship curriculum. One focus of the study is to train the workers to repeat this study with staff in the field and with their family and neighbors. The other two days are a general chapel, led by Pastor Zewdie, MFP spiritual ministry director. A small group meeting is seen in the photo.