Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Brochure for the Mossy Foot Project

As we enter the holiday season, why not look for opportunities to share the work of the Mossy Foot Project with friends and relatives. We have issued a new 2-sided tri-fold brochure that you can access online, print, and use as a tool for telling others about our work.

Take a look at it now at:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mossy Foot Provides Housing for Abandoned Women

The impact of podoconiosis (Mossy Foot disease) is far wider than the health issue that presents such a visible need. Hundreds of women have been abandoned by their husbands as a result of their the stigma associated with this disease, leaving them with no means to live and support themselves and their children. Due to a generous donation from Koinonia Christian Fellowship, scores of homes have been built for those in need of housing. Read the story of Tarikwa Doda on our website and see photos.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Visit from Reality Church, Carpinteria Aug 25 - Sept 7

This evening, August 25th, a team of from Reality Church in Carpinteria is headed off to Ethiopia and will be there through Sept. 7th. Our President, Sharon Daly, is already on the ground finalizing approval of our International NGO status with the government and will be hosting this team as well.
In addition to visiting a conference where our Mossy Foot Pastor, Zewdie Zeleke will be speaking, their week will be filled with clinic visits, DVBS, church leadership meetings with Zewdie, visiting widows' houses, and taking care packages to the homes of the most needy MF families.
Pray for safety and a productive journey for these folks who are eager to serve. Follow their blog at: HERE

Monday, August 23, 2010

"As we drive into the village, kids start chasing the car (this is totally a normal occurrence). But this was different, I look over and there was even a grown woman chasing the car and then they all start clapping and singing. Mebrat tells us that they are singing “Praise God, Praise God” because they know this car. This is the car from Mossy Foot..."

To read more and see photos of Paul and Becca's account of their visit to the Mossy Foot Project, click HERE.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Need is Great! They Just Keep Coming and Coming....

Each year brings the Mossy Foot Project ever increasing opportunities to care for new patients and to share the love of Christ with those who have not heard.
In the first 6-months of 2009, our clinics treated an average of just over 1900 patients/month. With the addition of a new clinic site recently this year we saw a patient load of almost 3,100 patients/month, reaching a peak in June of over 3,900 patients.
Celebrate with us that more and more who need our help are receiving it. At the same time, the need for resources is ever increasing.
You can help and play a role. Give a donation. Tell friend about Mossy Foot right now and have them sign up for our blog or Facebook page at

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clyde Xi - One of our "Local Champions"

Last Thursday, we had the privilege of having Clyde Xi, one of our Directors-at-Large, come to visit at our monthly Board of Directors Meeting. Shown in the photo to the left are our founders, Jim and Sharon Daly, along with Clyde, and Bill Osgood, our current Board Chairman.

Clyde Xi (third from the left) came out all the way from Columbus, Indiana to meet the rest of our Board as well as to make plans for taking a group to visit Ethiopia later this year.

Clyde exemplifies one of our "Local Champions", who work heartily at garnering support for the Mossy Foot Project among friends and colleagues in his locale, even organizing local events to raise awareness. As there is no way we can be so many places all at once, Local Champions will become increasingly important to growing our cause.

Will others of you consider taking on this role? Contact us through our website at!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team from Koinonia serving MF this month!

Jeff Acton and Chris Goldsmith from Koinonia Christian Fellowship in Hanford, California, are leading a team of 13 to serve the people of Ethiopia through the Mossy Foot Project from July 17-August 1.

The team includes 7 registered nurses and will be conducting several medical clinics during their stay. They have also prepared a vacation bible school program to share with the children in the villages. Most importantly, they go with a heart open to fill whatever need that they can and to befriend, encourage, and learn about the people who suffer from podoconiosis.

Please pray for a safe and fruitful journey for all of them in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Promoting Consistent Shoe Use Among Children At High Risk for Podoconiosis

“Promoting Consistent Shoe Use Among Children At High Risk for Podoconiosis” That's the title of a clinical trial planned to be implemented in Soddo through the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and highlights a major problem in dealing with the eradication of Mossy Foot disease.

It's wonderful to begin to see the increasing awareness and broader support to care for those who are afflicted with Mossy Foot. Let's hope and pray that this is only a beginning and that such opportunities abound even further.

Click HERE to learn more about the proposed study.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Robyn Bjork - Our Most Creative Supporter

Talk about unusual ways of supporting Mossy Foot. Robyn Bjork, one of our avid supporters, is making a big splash with her heart for Mossy Foot, her skill in wound care, and her passion for Celine Dion! Her show is tonight!
Click HERE to read more about Robyn.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pray for Sharon's Visit to Ethiopia

Sharon Daly, President of the MF Project, is in Ethiopia until July 15th, visiting our work there and providing oversight. Sharon will be meeting with the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, trying to make some progress on the property for our new headquarters in Soddo, and making preparations for upcoming visits by other groups later this year. Pray for a fruitful journey for Sharon and her team.

Friday, June 25, 2010

One Family's Visit to the Mossy Foot Project

In the summer of 2007, the Adelseck Family (3 generations) paid a visit to the Mossy Foot Project ( in Ethiopia. Their slideshow gives a moving overview of their visit highlighting the people of Ethiopia who are afflicted with podoconiosis, those who serve them, and how the Mossy Foot Project affects the lives of all who it is privileged to touch.
See the show at:

Monday, June 14, 2010

IN THE FIRST PERSON... Meet Choforo Asefa Gesho

Choforo Asefa Gesho is a 75 year old man from Gununo Woreda . Choforo has 8 children. Choforo has passed lots of challenges and bad times in his life times. He was sobbing and full of praise when he was telling his story and what he has passed throughout his life.

He was 14 years old when various kinds of signs he had never seen on his body started to appear. Time and again, bulges he had never seen before puffed up and started growing.
Click HERE to read Choforo's full story.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doctor Has Teeth Pulled for the Sake of His Ministry

Francis Chan, Crazy Love (David C. Cook, 2008), pp. 148-149

"A medical doctor who utilized his skills in Ethiopia for more than 60 years, Nathan Barlow dedicated his life to helping people with mossy foot. Mossy foot is a debilitating condition [that] causes swelling and ulcers in the feet and lower legs. The subsequent deformity and secondary infections makes people with mossy foot social outcasts equivalent to lepers.

I met Nathan shortly before he died. His daughter attended my church and brought him to her home from Ethiopia when his health started to fail. After only a few weeks, he couldn't handle being in the States. The people he loved were still in Ethiopia, so his daughter flew him back home so he could spend his last days there.

Once, Nathan got a toothache and had to fly away from the mission field to get medical attention. Nathan told the dentist he didn't ever want to leave the mission field for the sake of his teeth again, so he had the dentist pull out all of his teeth and give him false ones.

This amazing man was the first to help these outcasts, and he spent his life doing it. Yet no one really knew about him. It surprised me that such a man of God would faithfully serve for so many years, despite minimal recognition."

More about Nathan Barlow at:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gavin's Photographic Journal

This past March, Gavin Studer, visited the Mossy Foot Project as a part of his endeavor to formulate architectural plans for our new headquarters.

Upon his return, Gavin compiled his journal and photographs into a beautifully illustrated account of his 8-day journey.

Click "HERE" to see his journal. Then visit our WEBPAGE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Mossy Foot Project - An International NGO in Ethiopia

GOOD NEWS! The Mossy Foot Project has now been recognized by the Ethiopian government as the only NGO in Ethiopia chartered with the mission to treat and eradicate podoconiosis. This should create vast opportunities for us to build strong partnerships with individuals, churches, and other organizations to work toward this common purpose.
If you have not done so already, check out our new website at We will be adding new material to it weekly!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clive Chilvers' Photographs from Mossy Foot Visit

Clive Chilvers, a photographer from the UK visited the Mossy Foot Project accompanied by one of our representatives in Ethiopia, Dr. Gail Davey, a researcher studying podoconiosis at the Addis Ababa University. His photographs and comments are posted at:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gavin's Trip to Ethiopia

Gavin Studer was a member of the team who visited the Mossy Foot Project with our Officers (Jim and Sharon Daly) in March. You can read his journal and get a glimpse of the trip and the work of Mossy Foot at:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tires Have a Short Life In Ethiopia!

How long does a set of tires last in Ethiopia? Jim (President of MF) just told me that our Landcruisers chew up a set of tires every 3-4 months! Roads are extremely rugged in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia where we operate.

Our present 2 vehicles are on the road ALL day on an average of 6 out of every 7 days, servicing patients at our clinics. With road conditions as they are, tires have a very limited lifetime for tires. At a cost of $200 per tire, this comes up to $1600 per quarter for tires.

Anyone out there moved to donate a $200 tire or an $800 set???

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Progress on Headquarters Construction Site

As we reported previously, the Ethiopian Government had given the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association (MFTPA) land for building a new headquarters. Unfortunately, it is not unusual in Africa for undeveloped land to be occupied by squatters and it is common that the land owners be obligated to relocate those pay for relocating those squatters before anything can be done with the land. At first thought, this might seem unfair, but the law is there to protect the poor from unfair treatment
Unfortunately, our present acreage has been and still is occupied by tenant farmers.d. Based on Jim and Sharon's recent trip, part of the tenant's house and his outhouse are on the property currently proposed for us. Pastor Zewedie, the pastor for MFTPA, is working on a plan to adjust the boundaries of our proposed site so the farmer can keep his house and outhouse, and we would get more land on another side of the property. If this works, it could mean we could start construction relatively soon, perhaps a few months. Please pray for progress and God's perfect timing and provision for Mossy Foot.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Overview of the Mossy Foot Project

This 10-minute video was made in Ethiopia in 2008, but it gives an excellent overview of what the Mossy Foot Project is all about. MFTPA is the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association, which is the name of our Mossy Foot NGO (nongovernment organization) in Ethiopia.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Land for New Mossy Foot Headquarters in Soddo, Ethiopia

Recently the Ethiopian Government designated a parcel of land to give to The Mossy Foot Project for future development of a campus for administration, treatment, training, and research. Building plans include an Administration Building, a Shoe Making Building, a Vocational Training Center, a Dormitory for those in training, a Kitchen and Dining Building, a Research Building, Guest Quarters and a Garage. The construction will be done in phases as funds become available. The parcel is located in the north section of Soddo, Ethiopia along a main road which goes to the government hospital. At present the government is in the process of reimbursement and relocation of the current tenants on the property. Once this occurs, the property will be available for us to begin construction. The first phase will include a perimeter fence and guardhouse, the Administration Building, a building for Shoe Making and Storage and associated infrastructure. At present, we have raised about 50% of what will be needed to start the initial phase of construction. We look forward to the completion of this blessing with eager excitement!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mossy Foot Vocational Training

MF vocational training provides a means for patients to support themselves and their families. Here a barber who also works his farm near Kercheche stops farming and "opens shop" whenever someone needs a haircut.

One barber saved his earnings and bought medicine to treat MF patients. In his spare time he would go to their huts and treat them.

It is a common story in to hear of patients who have been helped by the Mossy Foot Project helping newer patients.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daly's Off to Ethiopia

Today, Jim (President/CEO of the Mossy Foot Project) and Sharon Daly are off for a 2-week visit to our sites in Ethiopia. The weeks will be filled with meetings with staff to discuss and plan for the work of the Project in the year ahead. Also on the agenda will be settling issues in clearing the land that the Ethiopian government has gifted to the project for establishing a permanent future headquarters and discussing plans for the initial stages of the construction project.
Jim and Sharon will be joined by staff from the Koinonia Christian Fellowship of Hanford, CA to help plan for a team visit from the church later this year.
Please pray for the Daly's health and safety as well as very productive times of meeting during their visit.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clinic Donation from Carlsbad Community Church

A SPECIAL thanks to Carlsbad Community Church for their gracious gift of $1,200 which will go toward the establishment of another Mossy Foot Clinic site in Ethiopia this year.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Vehicle on It's Way

Our new, 13 passenger ( very small people) Toyota Land Cruiser will be making the rounds to he Mossy Foot clinics soon!

It has been several years that we have awaited another vehicle. The roads in Ethiopia can only be traversed efficiently via 4WD vehicles. Hence the availability of adequate transportation has limited the expansion of our work beyond our 15 moblile clinics until now.

Our vehicle has reached port Djibouti. Hopefully, depending on the availability of a car carrier, our Land Cruiser will reach Addis Ababa/Ethiopia in a few weeks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to the Mossy Foot News Blog

Welcome to the Mossy Foot News Blog and thanks for your interest in the Mossy Foot Project. We hope to use this page to provide you with updates on the project including happenings both in the U.S. and in Ethiopia.

Sign on with us for the latest news. In the coming months we will also be rolling out our new website which will include this page along with photos, videos, biographical and anecdotal stories of some of our staff and patients, and lots of information on our current projects.

Thanks for visiting. Please subscribe to get the latest news!