Monday, February 27, 2012

Visit to the Mossy Foot Gununo Clinic by Nancy Bulcha

When attending the Bale clinic this week, a representative from the Government Health Center came and said there are many podocondiosis patients who need help from the surrounding area. The distance to Bale is too far for them to walk in the sun with their feet problems. He pleaded for Mossy Foot Clinics to be expanded now.

Then we went to the Gununo clinic. An older woman was there who had not come for months for treatment as it was too difficult to walk the distance. (photo on left). A young man came for his first visit, having walked for four hours to get to the clinic, needing to attend regularly to be helped. (photo on right). We asked the patients to pray with us that God will make it possible to open more clinics soon. Will you pray with us as well? This condition could be eradicated in ten years if people could be reached now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self Help Report from Nancy Bulcha in Ethiopia

Over the next few weeks, one of our supporters, Nancy Bulcha, will be visiting our clinic sites in Ethiopia.  Nancy has served for over 20-years in medical missions in Ethiopia as a registered nurse and brings much experience to our cause in Ethiopia.  Here is the first of her reports.

"These women came to their clinic site to apply to participate in the Self-Help Program sponsored by Mossy Foot Project.  As their condition improves, they are eligible to apply to the program.  (In the photo to the right, they have taken off their shoes to show that their feet have healed enough to allow them to be active in the Program.) 

The women become part of a small group of 3-5 women who live in their area. (The women in the photo to the left are standing with their group.) This group is to encourage one another, not just with their project, but in all aspects of life.   
Previously they were rejected by family, neighbors and even church. Now they are healing and by joining together they encourage each other and form a bond which is a step to again become part of family and community. 

Each woman expresses overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity they have had to recover from their condition and “return to life”.