Friday, December 16, 2011

Be a Blessing this Christmas and Throughout the Year

We have all heard that "Christmas is a time for giving", but so often we find that our gifts are given to those who already have so very much.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to give a small gift that could make a HUGE difference?
The Mossy Foot Project operates 15 separate clinic sites in Ethiopia where we reach out and address the physical and spiritual needs of those who literally have NOTHING and are also plagued with a dreaded disease, podoconiosis or Mossy Foot disease, that causes them to be outcasts... furthering the desperateness of their plight.
It doesn't take much to make a huge difference here.  If 75 new donors would step forward and commit to giving a gift of only $5 a week over the next year, we could fund the entire operation of one of our clinics and over 200 people would be treated each month.
Will you consider stepping forward and being one of those 75?  Or perhaps you are blessed to be able to participate in being an even bigger blessing.  Take a look at our Christmas Gift Catalog and see what a difference your gift can make!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A NEW Website for the Mossy Foot Project

We're very excited to launch our new website today.  In addition to being easier to navigate we are beginning to populate it with new videos and more content to inform you about what we are all about, how we are working to eliminate podoconiosis (Mossy Foot disease), and how you can help.
Come visit our new site at:, click on a few of the links, and view a few videos, and sample a few pages.  Most importantly, see our Christmas Gift Catalog and consider joining us in eliminating this dreaded disease.
Even a gift as small as $5 or $10 a month will make a huge difference to people who many call "the poorest of the poor".  Thanks for your support!