Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pray for Rain

This area of Ethiopia is known for having fertile soil. Right now mangoes, papaya, tomatoes, sugar cane, bananas, cabbage and corn are among foods available. This is the time for the short rains and they have not come.  The past week we have had clouds and overcast skies.  The fields are plowed and ready for planting. Root crops like yams and sweet potatoes (as seen in the photo) are planted, but will dry up without soon rain.  Please join with us in praying for the right amount of rain to come soon. If it does not come now, food will be scarce until the big rains starting in June produce crops.  --  Nancy Bulcha

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fellow Christians in a land far away - Update #3 from Nancy Bulcha

I have been privileged to share a few words with the patients when visiting the Mossy Foot Project Clinic sites. Each time I tell them how happy it makes me to see how well they are recovering and that many now are able to participate in self-help projects. They are always full of appreciation for their recovery. One man today said “Before this clinic came here, we were dead.  Now we are alive and are praising God. We are Christians and He has sent other Christians to help us.” I tell them that people in my Country are praying for them. The photo shows the patients, with hands raised, sending greetings and thanks back to you who have helped to make their lives so much better-“raised from the dead”.
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